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Create a sticky post or private post in WordPress

Sometimes, there is an important post that you may want to keep it at top of your blog. Maybe you want to set password for it to limit the access or even make it private for yourself. WordPress allows you to make sticky post, protected post or private post easily.

To make post a sticky post, in post editor, find in the top right meta box, click Edit in the Visibility option.

sticky post-1

Now you will have some options to edit visibility of the post. To make it sticky, check the “Stick this post to the front page” option and hit OK. After saving change for post, you will have it always stick to the top in front page of blog.

sticky post-2

Beside that, with Visibility settings, you can also create password for the post so that users who want to read the post have to fill the password before being able to access. Check in the Password Protected option and enter a password you like.

sticky post-3

Similarly, you can make a private post that only you can access when logging in. This one can be functioned as personal diary or record just for yourself.

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