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3 easy ways to check WordPress version you are using

Why need to check WordPress version?

To make sure your site is always up-to-date, you should frequently check WordPress version of your site as well as check the latest available WordPress version. Each new WordPress version comes with error and security issues fixed,  therefore we recommend you to always update the latest version. If not, you might be easily become target of hackers. However, if you have any reason to maintain the old version, you should remove WordPress version number on your website.

Now here are 3 ways you can check WordPress version easily within 1 minute. Remember to check it frequently to update your site and ensure your plugins are compatible.

Dashboard > Updates

In your admin dashboard in single installs of WordPress or your super admin dashboard for Multisite, got to Dashboard > Updates. You should see the version you’re using listed toward the top of the page.

check wordpress version in dashboard

If you find you aren’t up-to-date, be sure to create a full backup of your site before going ahead and updating. If something goes wrong, you can then easily reinstate your site.

Admin Footer

This is the most simple way to find out which version of WordPress you are running. In your dashboard, look down at bottom right of any page, you will easily see the current WordPress version there. However, the version info isn’t listed in the dashboard of sites within a Multisite network and also isn’t displayed on mobile devices or smaller browser window sizes.

check wordpress version in dashboard

Version File

For this version check, you need to delve into your site’s files. In the wp-includes folder, find version.php and open it directly in cPanel or download a copy and open it in an editor. Toward the top, you should see it listed on line seven.



* The WordPress version string *

* @global string $wp_version


$wp_version = '4.5';

Keep in mind that if you go to this page in your browser, it won’t display your WordPress version even if you view the page’s source. Both options results in a blank screen.

Above are the 3 super simple methods to find the WordPress version of your site. Feel free to ask us any question or discuss more with us in comment. If you find this article useful, please share it to your friends with these social button below.

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